Sense of Direction

A recent post on Twitter said something like, “if constantly looking back at where we have been we are prevented at looking to the future”.

Successful management is more about the what can be versus what was.  Having a leader that focuses on what didn’t happen can lead to low morale and fear of making mistakes.  Analysis paralysis!

What is your plan?  Is it clear to your team?  Are you able to maintain the vision from week to week and month to month?  Do you have the passion to stay the course or will you be swayed by shiny new ideas that sound good but tarnish with time?

If you as a manager have a strong sense of direction………use it!  Lead people with what you know is right and be consistent with your message.  Most of all, deliver the message to your team.  Support their activities.  Let them grow the vision while providing necessary adjustments along the way.  Clarity and autonomy are empowering!


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